Notice dated 29th January 2019


This notice is to bring to your attention my concern about the image of our uniform. Students and Parents/Guardians are reminded that at St. Anthony’s College the proper wear of the uniform is one of our school rules and improper attire is an infringement of the school rules and will result in disciplinary actions. I ask that parents/guardians pay more attention to your son’s/daughter’s uniform when they leave for school on mornings. Students are not allowed to modify their uniforms without parental consent.

Summary of uniform guidelines

Loose khaki pants (must be able to pass the knee when pulled up). School shirts must be without creased collars. Only plain black belts. Only plain black shoes.

Summary of hair guidelines

Natural colour hair ONLY. Unplaited hair must not be higher than one inch. Only straight cornrows are allowed. Patterns/shavings are not allowed.

Punctuality & attendance

Parents/Guardians and students are reminded that students must be in their Form class by 8:00 a.m. There are some students who are late too often and this is recorded on the register. Students who are consistently late will face disciplinary actions. Additionally, every time a student is absent from school, an accompanying note must be sent to the Form Teacher on his/her return to school. Parents/Guardians are asked to supply an appropriate excuse.

Junior Carnival Parade

This year St. Anthony’s College will host its 14th Annual Junior Carnival Parade on Sunday 17th February, 2019. We are asking for food donations towards our food stall for the Carnival Parade. The success of this stall is dependent on your contributions. Please assist. The items are currently being collected in the school’s office. Please see the table below for the contributions for the respective Forms. Thank you for your support. For detail of this event, please visit or

The following is the calendar for the School Year 2018/2019
TermPeriodNo. of Weeks
Term I3rd September, 2018 to 14th December, 201815
Term II7th January, 2019 to 5th April, 201913
Term III23rd April, 2019 to 5th July, 2019 11

All-inclusive Fete

On Sunday 24th February, 2019 we will host our annual all-inclusive fête. This year promises to be filled with a wide variety of delicious food, premium drinks and dynamic performances. Tickets are $650.00 and can be purchased at the school’s office. For more information, please contact 332-0040 or 769-5817. The flyer can be downloaded here Download

For detail of this event, please visit or

After School Sports

We have commenced after school sports every afternoon after classes and on Saturdays. There is a coaching fee of $100.00 per sport and $150.00 for football that must be paid at the beginning of the month.

Form 13 packs of drumsticks or 3 packs of wings
Form 21 case of Juice drinks (Kool kids or Orchard)
Form 31 case of Juice drinks (Kool kids or Orchard)
Form 43 packs of drumsticks or 3 packs of wings
Form 51 case of Juice drinks (Kool kids or Orchard)
Form 63 packs of drumsticks or 3 packs of wings