May 28th 2018

Below are scheduled activities for the next few weeks of school this term. Please note that there have been some changes to what was previously published.

  • Friday 1st June will follow the Day 3 timetable.
  • Monday 4th June will follow the Day 4 timetable. Students are reminded to wear their dress uniform on this day. Excuses must accompany students who do not wear their dress uniform on this day. Form 3 NCSE examinations begin on Wednesday 6th June and run until Wednesday 20th June. Classes will run simultaneously.
  • Friday 8th June is our Feast Day. There will be an English exam on this day for the Form 1, 2 and 4’s. The exam starts promptly at 8:00am. Form 3 students will sit the NCSE Integrated Science examination on this day. Parents are also invited to share in this celebration with us. Food plates with a drink will be available on this day, please contribute $20.00 towards the meal. We ask for your continued generosity in the donation of the items for the hampers.
  • Monday 11th of June has been approved as our Principal’s Holiday. However, the Form 3’s still have 2 NCSE Spanish exams on this day.
  • Tuesday 12th June will follow the Day 3 timetable.
  • Wednesday 13th June Form 4 End-of-Year exams begin. There will be regular classes for the lower school.
  • Thursday 14th June will be our Form 5 & 6 Graduation Ball at the Cascadia Hotel.
  • Friday 15th June has been declared the Eid-ul-Fitr public holiday.
  • Monday 18th will follow the Day 1 timetable for the lower school.
  • Tuesday 19th June is the Labour Day holiday.
  • Wednesday 20th June will follow the Day 2 timetable.
  • Thursday 21st June, lower school examinations begin.
  • Saturday 30th June St. Anthony’s College is hosting a fundraising event at the College’s Tennis Court. It is a World Cup Cooler Fete from 9:00 pm – 2:00 am. Tickets are $200.00 and are available at the school’s office.
  • Thursday 5th July will be the new Form 1 students’ registration starting at 9:00am.
  • Friday 6th July is the last day of school for this term and parents are required to collect their child’s report along with his booklist for the next academic year.
  • Saturday 7th July we will have our Annual ‘Tigers who can cook’. Further information and tickets can be acquired in the school’s office.