End of Term Notice: Term I 2018/2019

We wish to inform you about the following pertinent information for the rest of this term:-

  • T&TEC has notified the public that there will be an interruption of supply in the Diego Martin/Westmoorings area, specifically, Morne Coco Road between the hours of 9:00 am to 3:00pm on Thursday 22nd November, 2018. As a result of this, we will not have school on Thursday 22nd November, 2018, classes resume on Friday 23rd of November, 2018.

End of term exams begin on Monday 3rd December 2018 for Form 1 students.
Please see the exam timetable below

Exam DateSubject & TimeRemarks
Monday 3rd DecemberEnglish Language (1:00-2:00) Please use your discretion to get your sons to school on this day.
Tuesday 4th DecemberMath (8:10-9:40),
Integrated Science (10:30- 11:30),
Spanish (1:00-2:00)
Wednesday 5th DecemberPhysical Education (8:25-9:25),
English Literature (10:30-11:30),
Art (1:00-2:00)

Thursday 6th DecemberFrench (8:25-9:25),
Information Technology (10:30-11:30), Social Studies (1:00-2:00)

End of term exams begin on Monday 3rd December 2018 for students of Form 2 to Form 5. Please see the exam timetable below.

Parents are to exercise their best discretion in getting students to school in time for examinations. We will not encourage late arrivals for examinations. School ends at 2:20 p.m.
Students will not be allowed to leave the compound before this time unaccompanied.
Form 6 students will be completing coursework and assignments.

FormExam Period
Form 2 and Form 3 Monday 3rd December to Thursday 6th December
Form 4 Tuesday 27th November to Friday 7th December
Form 5Friday 23rd November to Thursday 13th December

  • As part of our on-going efforts to raise much needed funds to renovate the College’s compound and facilities, we are hosting a “Parent’s Night Out” Boat ride on the 8th December 2018. We invite you to partake in this cooler party with us and as such we have enclosed two (2) tickets to this note. Each ticket costs $200.00. We will greatly appreciate your assistance with this fundraiser as these much needed funds will go a long way in the infrastructural developments in the school. You can contact these Committee Members for any additional information: Trevor Marshall 678-5081, Ian Laurent 462-9047, Petrina Fernandez 769-5817.
  • We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate our own Mr. Vishal Radhay, 2018 Science scholarship winner. We must be persistent with all our students to strive to do their best in their examinations.
  • St. Anthony’s College will be playing in the North Zone Intercol Finals on Thursday 22nd November at CIC Grounds. Game starts at 3:30 pm. Please come out in your numbers to support. Don’t forget to wear red. Please go to http://stanthonys.edu.tt/?page_id=3627 for more details.
  • End of term reports will be ready for collection on Friday 14th December, 2018. Reports will be distributed between the hours of 9:00-12:00. You may also visit the College to collect reports from the 17th -20th December between the hours of 9:00am – 2:00pm.
  • School reopens on Monday 7th January, 2019. Students must attend school in their dress uniforms on this day and we have regular classes for the Monday schedule.