23rd March 2018

Here are some reminders about the end of this term and some information for the beginning of next term.

Term II comes to an end on Thursday 29th March, 2018. Reports for Forms 1-4 can be collected on this day or during the two week Easter vacation between the hours of 9 a.m to 2 p.m. Only parents or guardians can collect the reports. You will be asked to sign upon receipt of report.

Term III begins Monday 16th March, 2018. Your son must wear his dress uniform on this day. Dress uniform are to be worn the first Monday of every month as well as for special events.

Parents & Guardians are reminded to make every effort to ensure that their son/ward dresses in the correct uniform for school. On his return to school for Term III, be conscious of his hairstyle and uniform. A zero tolerance of disobeying the school rules will be tolerated.

Parents and Guardians of Forms 1 to 4

A further notice will be issued for Parent/Teacher Meetings in Term III.

 Parents and Guardians of Form 3

It is important that you collect the subject choices forms with their reports and return the completed form to their Dean, Mr. Marcelle during the first week of Term III.

 Parents and Guardians of Forms 5 and 6

The Graduation Ceremony would be held n Friday 20th April 2018 at a venue to be confirmed and Parents & Guardians are invited to attend. The students will receive their examination timetable and other information necessary for the preparation for their CSEC and CAPE examinations. Orals examinations for the Foreign Language students will be on Tuesday 17th April (French) and Thursday 19th April (Spanish). All CSEC and CAPE students must arrive on time and be properly dressed. We cannot intervene in CXC rulings.

Happy Easter to you and yours.