Term III Calender of Events

Listed below is  Calendar of Events for Term III of the 2012-2013 Academic Year and we look forward to seeing you at our Events and Meetings.


April 2013

Tuesday 23rd April-Staff meeting at 1pm (school ends at 12pm)


May 2013

Thursday 2nd May 2013 – Form 1 PTA (school ends at 12pm for Forms 2 to 6)

Monday 6th May 2013 – Start of CSEC & CAPE Exams

Friday 24th May 2013 – Form 3 career day-Form 3 parents MUST attend                       (8am to 2pm)

Monday 27th May 2013 – NCSE orals


June 2013

Monday 10th June 2013 – Start of NCSE Exams (Form 3)

Thursday 13th June 2013 – Feast day (Mass and sharing) ; Parents are invited  *(see note below)

Friday 14th June  2013 – Principal’s  Holiday ; End of CSEC & CAPE Exams

Monday 17th June  2013 – Start of Form 4 Exams

Monday 24th June 2013 – Start of Forms 1 & 2 exams

Friday 28th June 2013 – Students to  return of ALL government textbooks


July 2013

Friday  5th July  2013 – Distribution of Report Books ; End of Term III

Saturday 6th July  2013 – “TIGERS Who Can Cook”-Hosted by the St. Anthony’s College Old Boys Association.

Venue: St. Anthony’s College. Tickets are $200 each and are available at the College’s Office.


* In keeping with the life and work of Saint Anthony, we are asking the students to donate non-perishable items which will be donated to institutions which look after the less fortunate members of the society.  Collection of these items is as follows:-

BAG WEEK : May 20th  to May 24th  (flour/rice/sugar etc.)

BOTTLE DAYS : May 27th to June 4th  (ketchup/oil/jam/etc.)

CAN DAYS : June 5th to June 11th (sausages/peas/juice/milk etc.)