Transferring a Student from One School to Another

The Ministry of Education allows a student to be transferred from one Secondary School  to another provided the student is tested and has produced results satisfactory to both the Principal of the School and the Ministry of Education.

The transfer process has several  steps:-

  1. Enquire from the prospective school if there would be a transfer examination and when. If  there is a transfer examination, register the student for the examination. Please note that success at this examination does not automatically qualify the student for a transfer.
  2. Visit the Principal of the student’s present school to obtain a signed Transfer Certificate.
  3. If you are called for an interview by the prospective school, bring the Transfer Certificate along with other documents as requested by the school.

Please note the following, as it relates to St. Anthony’s College:-

  • Form 1/S.E.A Transfers: This is subject to approval by a committee of the Ministry of Education. St. Anthony’s College cannot transfer a Form 1 / S.E.A student who has been already assigned to another Secondary School.
  • Transferring into Form 2 to Form 4: Subject to success at the transfer examination, excellent conduct report and available class space.
  • Transferring into Form 5: Applications  are not considered for these as well as external CSEC students who wish to repeat Form 5.
  • Form 6: CSEC students must meet the stipulated criteria of the College for entry into Lower 6.
  • International Students: See International Students.