Junior Carnival Parade

St. Anthony’s College Junior Carnival Parade: A Spectacle of Creativity and Celebration

Welcome to the St. Anthony’s College Junior Carnival Parade, a vibrant carnival production competition show meticulously organized by the St. Anthony’s College Junior Carnival Parade Committee. This dazzling event takes center stage as part of the annual Carnival season in the lively and culturally rich Trinidad and Tobago, promising an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

The Birth of the St. Anthony’s College Junior Carnival Parade

In the wake of the 2005 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA), a wave of enthusiastic parents emerged, forming a dedicated alliance with the Administrative and teaching staff. Together, they forged a dynamic Fund-Raising Committee, driven by the shared vision of elevating and expanding the school's infrastructure.


Fueled by determination and armed with limited funds, the committee embarked on a mission to enhance the school's facilities. Their primary focus was to create an environment conducive to growth and development. Undeterred by financial constraints, they initiated a series of fundraising events, among which was the groundbreaking 1st Annual Junior Carnival Parade in 2006.

St. Anthony's College Junior Carnival Parade Today

Open to All: A Carnival Extravaganza for the Community

The Parade is a celebration for the entire community. Open to the general public, it invites individuals of all ages to witness and immerse themselves in the magic of Carnival. This inclusive approach adds to the dynamic energy and diversity that define Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival season.


Fundraising with Fun: Supporting St. Anthony’s College

Beyond its sheer entertainment value, the Parade serves a noble cause as a major fundraising event for St. Anthony’s College. The proceeds contribute to the educational initiatives and development projects undertaken by the college, making the revelry meaningful and impactful.


Location: Where Festivity Meets Tradition

Hosted on the sprawling College Grounds in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, the Parade finds its home in a place where festivity meets tradition. The vibrant colors, spirited performances, and pulsating rhythms echo through the campus, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity.


Honoring Leadership: Mrs. Z. Hassanli, Former First Lady as Patron

Adding prestige to the event, Mrs. Z. Hassanli, the esteemed Former First Lady, graces the Parade as its patron. Her support and presence underscore the significance of this carnival production, elevating it to a cultural highlight.

Parade Information

There are no advance tickets available for patrons. 

Members of the public pay a cover charge at the College to enter with the exception of competing masqueraders.

Masqueraders can register online as individuals, couples or as a carnival band. 

All masqueraders must be 16 years and under on the date of the parade.

Becoming a Sponsor and Event Concessions

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or being granted a concession, please email your proposal to [email protected].

2025 St. Anthony’s College Junior Carnival Parade

The 2024 St. Anthony’s College 17th Annual Junior Carnival Parade was a resounding success. It was held on Saturday 27th January 2024.


A huge “thank you” to everyone for contributing to the vibrancy and joy of this spectacular event. Your dedication and enthusiasm have left an indelible mark on our parade. We look forward to continued collaboration and the success of future endeavors.


The 2025 St. Anthony’s College 18th Annual Junior Carnival Parade will take place in February 2025 at a date to published later on. Join us at the College Grounds for a dazzling display of creativity, community, and charitable spirit. Experience the magic, feel the rhythm, and become part of the legacy that is Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival tradition.