December 2016 Exams


We are coming to the end of the term and we are encouraging and reminding our students to continue studying towards their final examinations. As a reminder, Parents and Guardians are urged to counsel their sons/wards about stealing. Additionally, they should be urged to leave their valuables with their respective Deans/Teachers before engaging in activities that require them to leave the classroom.

Changes to Events for November 2016

  • 21st: Form 5 Mock Orals Examinations
  • 21st: Blessing of Crèche at 10am. Parents may attend.
  • 22nd: Staff Meeting; Students Dismissed at 12 :30 noon
  • 23rd: Form 1’s Community Outreach
  • 23rd: Form 5 Mock Examinations Begin
  • 24th: Form 2’s Community Outreach
  • 28th: Local Government Elections
  • 30th: Form 4 Examinations Begin…


Changes to Events for December 2016

  • 5th: Form 1 to 3 Examinations Begin
  • 8th: Forms 1 to 3 Examinations End
  • 9th: Form 4 Examinations End
  • 15th: Form 5 Mock Examinations End; Form 6 Teaching Ends
  • 16th: School Closes
  • 19th: Distribution of Form 1 Academic Reports (9am to 2pm)*
  • 20th: Distribution of Forms 2 & 6 Academic Reports (9am to 2pm)*#
  • 21st: Distribution of Forms 3 & 4 Academic Reports (9am to 2pm)*#

*Parents/Guardians must collect Reports.

#Corrected Dates