Student Reports

St. Anthony’s College in collaboration with ProgWhiz Solutions is proud to announce the release of an Student Online Access Report System (SOARS) for Parents and Guardians to have electronic access to their son’s/ward’s Academic Reports issued at the end of each Term.

Instructions and Setup:

  1. Parents and Guardians of current students can create an account here or scan the QR code below. Please use the name of the student which was submitted at SEA registration. Please omit the student’s middle name.
  2. Parents and Guardians would then receive an email that contains a link to submit additional information. Please omit the Student ID. Those using a hotmail and yahoo email accounts are to check their spam folders for this email.
  3. Approval of Access Accounts. Parents and Guardians will receive a 2nd email containing a password and login link/URL when their account has been approved by the College.
  4. Password Reset. You can use the Forgot Password? option on the login page here. You would receive an email with a link (only valid for 30mins) to change your password.

Other Information:

  1. Please enter your login credentials manually.
  2. Avoid using the autofill feature of the device or browser when entering your email address on the Parents’ Portal.
  3. Passwords РEnsure that you clearly understand the characters of your password before you login. If you do not understand the characters or are in doubt, you can copy and paste it from your email into any word processing app (Notepad, Microsoft Word, text messaging app etc). Most mobile devices comes with a text app or one is available in the Play Store. Alternatively, you can use the Forgot Password? option here to obtain a new password.
  4. All passwords are generated by SOARS and are sent via email to the email address used for setup of the account/access.
  5. Email Accounts. Parents and Guardians should use their personal email accounts and should not use the corporate email accounts assigned by their employers. If you no longer have access to your email account or have a new one, please repeat the process described above in Instructions and Setup.