CXC Exams: COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols for CSEC/CAPE Students 2020

In light of the present ongoing global pandemic the following protocols have been created to ensure the safety and well-being of the students of St Anthony’s College and by extension their families and wider community. Compliance is expected from all stakeholders concerned.

Please remember that morning examinations begin at 9 a.m. and afternoon examinations begin at 1 p.m.

CXC regulations stipulate that students are not allowed to enter the examination rooms from 30 minutes after the start of the examination.

Students are urged to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of examinations to facilitate the guidelines listed below.

We expect students to follow the protocols provided below.

a. Dress Code

 i. Students must wear their school uniforms for each examination that  they are writing at St Anthony’s College.

ii. Students must enter the compound wearing a facemask. 

b. Entrance at the gate

 i. All students entering the compound must stand at the required distance of 6ft from others.

ii. Their temperatures will be checked before they are allowed to proceed further.

c. Washing hands

i. Students must wash their hands at the designated WASHING AREA before proceeding to the examination rooms.

ii. Students are reminded to practice washing their hands as often as possible while on the school’s compound.

d. Designated areas

Students entering the compound are only allowed in the areas listed below.

  1. Assigned examination rooms.
  2. Washrooms
  3. Cafeteria

All other areas are off limits.

 e. End of examinations

Once the student is completed with their examinations, students are to leave the compound immediately.

Students are not allowed to gather or congregate anywhere on the compound after examinations.

 In cases of illness

In the event that any child may be ill, the Parent/Guardian must contact the school on the day of the examination, to identify the student so that the CXC examination supervisor can be notified.

Students are reminded that there should be no borrowing of materials (e.g. pens, pencils, calculators etc.) on the compound.

Note well

NON-COMPLIANCE with CXC Invigilator instructions may result in being reported to CXC and disqualification from that particular examination or all examinations.

CXC cut off times

Extracted from

 i. Candidates who arrive after the first 30 minutes of an examination have elapsed, will not be allowed to sit the examination.

 ii. Candidates who arrive after the start of an examination will not be allowed extra time to make up for the time lost.

 iii.  A candidate may be allowed to discontinue work and leave the examination room at any time after the first 30 minutes of an examination session has elapsed provided that the candidate surrenders the question paper and answer booklet.

iv.  The candidate will not be readmitted to the examination room.

v.  Where a candidate is allowed to leave the examination room temporarily because of a pressing necessity such as a visit to the restroom, the candidate must be accompanied by a member of the invigilating staff or an attendant.

Good luck in your examinations.


St. Anthony’s College

July 2020

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No electronic devices would be permitted in the examination room
No electronic devices would be permitted in the examination room