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2014 SSFL Premier League Fixtures:-stanthonys.edu.tt/?p=1869 "get in yuh team...team up"....this season gonna be EPIC!!!


Nothing is wrong with not knowing. When you do not know you leave room to learn. #noonelikesaknowitall pic.twitter.com/yQSWV08lzR
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When we think about the methods and the consequences of slave trade,we must be eternally grateful #humanrights pic.twitter.com/wLzaTttfYq
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Good morning. Your weather forecast courtesy the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Office. FOR THE PERIOD TODAY... fb.me/2phtc8Eb0
Hurricane Marie: Three Mexican fishermen missing. Three Mexican fishermen are missing after their boat sank in... fb.me/3DqOU2LYZ
#ODPMQuickFact The US State that has the largest risk for tsunamis is Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, averaging over one a year.
California earthquake strikes San Francisco Bay area. One of the strongest earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.0... fb.me/4fApEcbsM
Please see the link for T&TEC Planned Outages from the 25th-28th August 2014 facebook.com/notes/odpmtt/t…
#ODPMQuickFact Volcanic ash is made up of tiny jagged rock & glass. It conducts electricity when wet and doesn’t melt or dissolve in water.

National Hurricane Center (Atlantic Feed) -Miami, FL

Hurricane #Cristobal Intermediate advisory 11A issued. Cristobal expected to pass northwest of bermuda tomorrow. go.usa.gov/W3H
Hurricane #Cristobal advisory 11 issued. #Cristobal moving northward a little faster. go.usa.gov/W3H
Hurricane #Cristobal Intermediate advisory 10A issued. Cristobal moving slowly northward with little change i... go.usa.gov/W3H
Hurricane #Cristobal advisory 10 issued. #Cristobal expected to pass to the west of bermuda on wednesday. go.usa.gov/W3H
Tropical Storm #Cristobal Intermediate advisory 9A issued. Cristobal strengthening while slowly meandering. go.usa.gov/W3H
Tropical Storm #Cristobal advisory 9 issued. #Cristobal moving slowly away from the bahamas go.usa.gov/W3H
Tropical Storm #Cristobal advisory 8 issued. #Cristobal moving erratically north-northeastward go.usa.gov/W3H
Tropical Storm #Cristobal Intermediate advisory 7A issued. go.usa.gov/W3H


Check out the incredible Visual #Arts summer courses at @DcfaUWI! ow.ly/yr5qY pic.twitter.com/PuBHrW55l6
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Help secure your future with the Undergraduate Diploma in #Agriculture! sta.uwi.edu/admissions/ pic.twitter.com/nfnnJt3k9L
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In case you missed it - See the impactful Distinguished Open Lecture by Dr. The Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves! ow.ly/ycgXL